The new era of digital marketing

The new era of digital marketing

During the last year, with the outbreak of the Covid, we have seen to birth a new approach towards the tecnology. The use of electronic devices has grown exponentially: some for work, some to stay connected with loved one or the rest of the world.

This new type of relationship is to consider as a new era for the digitisation. More and more are offering  multimedia services, as virtual tour and 3D.
Indeed, it has been seen that people prefer advertisements that feature such services: the number of visits to such an advertisement has increased by 90%, compared to the pre-Covid period.

Therefore, virtual tour have proved to be essential to distinguish the target that you want to address and avoid so called “property tourists'. By filtering customers in this way, sales times are reduced, giving greater satisfaction to the seller.
As well as acting as a filter, they allow for an immersive experience in the property, a fundamental step when you consider that it is this type of experience that people are looking for on the internet.

The conclusion is that virtual tours and 3D are real marketing tools that should be included in your strategy. Not only for the sake of sales, but also to distinguish yourself from the competition, as well as being fundamental elements for effective branding.



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