Rocchetta Nervina (look our video) is a pretty Ligurian village in the Nervia valley. The village is very popular with both Italian and foreign tourists, attracted by the natural beauty of the place, by the characteristic "lakes" where you can swim in the summer, and by the famous Fairy Tale Festival held every year. A Rocchetta Nervina are highly sought after houses to be restored in the historic center, which can be purchased at a reasonable price and which allow a renovation tailored to the needs of the buyer.

Plots of Land For Sale in Liguria The market for building lands has grown a lot, as has the market for rustics or old houses to be restored. Liguria is a region that offers many solutions in this sense: old cottages or country houses were built to work the land, wine, olive trees, but today they become an excellent opportunity for those who want to enjoy their own corner of paradise among the mountains and the sea.

Why buy properties in Liguria ? Buying a property in Liguria means having a special place between the mountains and the sea, which seem to embrace each other to create an exceptional climate, never too cold in winter and mild in summer. Furthermore, buying a house in Liguria means enriching yourself with a millenary culture handed down from the elderly to the young in the various generations. 


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