Villa for sale Bordighera A small ligurian city rich in culture Bordighera is famous for inspiring Claude Monet himself. There are beautiful gardens such as the Pallanca Exotic Garden as well as a charming old town to explore. Since Bordighera is on the Italian riviera the beach is a big draw for vacationers. Some areas are private while others are open to the public. For your convenience there are a multitude of areas to rinse off before you head back to your hotel or one of the numerous beachside cafes. The Lungomare Argentina is the street to follow in order to find the public beach areas as well as some pranzo or gelato. Not a beachgoer? Take a long passeggiata and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Bordighera has always attracted people to buy property for summer vacations and for permanent residence. Buying  villas or houses  in Bordighera is still prestigious  and profitable investment.

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