Property Management in France and Italy

Property Management in France and Italy

Acquamarina International Home Company, in addition to providing real estate services, also specializes in property management, which is primarily in demand by property owners who do not permanently reside in the country.

Your personal manager will perform all necessary administrative procedures, and our experts in the field of law, taxation, and, if necessary, architecture, will advise you a better solution in any situation.

The list of main services, that enter in the management package, includes:

Regular checks of the property status, communication to the owner in case of problems and the adoption of an urgent decision

Receiving mail

Control over the payment of annual taxes and utilities

Management of the personnel and supervision of work in progress (gardener, pool specialist, cleaner, nanny, builders, etc.)

Repairing and construction work of any complexity (if necessary)

Checking estimates and correcting execution of work

Monthly report on all work that has been done

Participation by a qualified employee in meetings of homeowners (condominium meeting), protection owner's interests in disputable matters.

The range of our services is constantly updated due to the growing number of buyers and their needs in the area of property management:

Real estate renting 

Real estate insurance

Communication with taxation and other state departments.

Security alarm (installation, panel protection)

Legal business support, accounting services

Presence during delivery of the furniture or other materials that have been ordered to ensure that all received goods meet the order and much more other services.

Leave control of your property to the Acquamarina International Home, and we will take care of it in the best way, and you will be able to get maximum comfort and fully enjoy your vacation without any disturbance.

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